Memories of a Death-Row Execution

Matt Elofson.jpg

Almost ten years after witnessing the execution of a Death-Row prisoner in Alabama, journalist
Matt Elofson (pictured) is still haunted by the experience.

Recalling the harrowing moment, Matt, who recently joined the editorial department of the Stratford Herald, said: “The images of watching a man take his last breath after a lethal injection of drugs make it an assignment I vividly remember as though it were yesterday.”

Alabama is one of 31 US states still using the death sentence and the prisoner had been on Death-
Row for 23 years after being convicted of the fatal shooting of his daughter’s boyfriend.

Matt, whose assignment involved describing what happened before, during and after the
execution, said: “Watching someone die left me battling bouts of nausea throughout the whole

Matt’s comments are contained in a blog for Birmingham Press Club in which he reflects on some
of the differences that he is now encountering as he enjoys life with his family in Warwickshire.

His blog can be read on the Press Club website by clicking on “Read the Board of Directors Blog”
and then clicking onto “Read the Guest Blog.”