Midland journalist caught up in Las Vegas shooting

Nathan Judah (1).jpeg

Express and Star journalist Nathan Judah (pictured) has described the “pandemonium” in Las Vegas after being caught up in the attack by a lone gunman which killed almost 60 people and injured more than 500 others.

Nathan, digital sports editor at the Wolverhampton-based daily, who is on holiday in the American city, has relayed his experiences back home in the aftermath of the tragedy.

He made a series of posts on Twitter from close to the scene shortly after the attack, saying: “Wow, loads of shots just fired on Vegas strip… people just running, very scary. Trying to get back to our hotel but proving difficult.

“Back in room now and hotel on lockdown. Vegas strip is pandemonium. Looking after lady who was in the middle of it all and is very shaken. Scary.”

Nathan later added: “Thank-you for all the kind comments…really appreciate it. Thoughts and prayers with everyone affected, keep safe.”

Speaking afterwards to the Express & Star, Nathan said: “We were around 50 yards away from where it happened. It’s hard to work out what we heard, but all of a sudden there was sheer panic, everyone was running away.

“We ran with them, people around us were looking for covering, trying to get to their hotels. It was pandemonium. We were lucky to get a taxi when we did before more crowds of people came along.”

He added: “There are people being treated in the lobby and we’re looking after someone in our hotel room. I’m looking outside and see the area is in lockdown, police cars are everywhere.

“People are in shock, trying to call family, trying to find out what is going on.”