Back to the city centre

The Birmingham Mail is to move back into the city centre into premises from where it will oversee the separation of its print and digital operation. Its new home will be Embassy House in the Colmore Business District.

The relocation – after ten years at Fort Dunlop – will also coincide with the newspaper’s website being rebranded as Birmingham Live.

Embassy House is less than half a mile from Colmore Circus, where the Mail was based prior to the Fort Dunlop move.

Embassy House, the new home of the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Live

Embassy House, the new home of the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Live

The Birmingham Live team, which will be independent from those working on the Mail, will be based in a new digital newsroom in Embassy House.

Editor Marc Reeves said: “This move has been long overdue and will enable our journalists to spend more time on the beat gathering stories and meeting contacts. Birmingham, and in particular the city centre, has seen huge growth in recent years so it’s great to know we will be back in the core of the action and better able to cover the key news events affecting our readers.

“It will also help our business teams cement their relationships with advertisers and enable them to reach their key audiences through our print and digital products and events. Our industry-leading online growth has transformed the Post & Mail into a true digital media business.

“Alongside the office move, we are also planning some innovative and ground-breaking changes to our online presence which will see us leading the way for regional publishers in the UK.”

A company statement said: ““The move to Embassy House will allow journalists to be in the very heart of the city which they report on each and every day, allowing them to be closer to the source of the news.

“Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Birmingham Mail being based at Fort Dunlop. However for some time the ambition has been to return the core of the team to the city centre to be closer to their audience. Therefore it has been decided that the team’s new headquarters will be Embassy House.

Publisher Trinity Mirror says there will be a “small net reduction in the number of newsroom roles” as a result of the changes in Birmingham, although it has previously declined to say how many.

The relocation will take place in December.