Graduate Launches Print Magazine Business

Birmingham Press Club member Conor Rees, who earlier this year took the top accolade at the annual Midlands Media Students Awards, has launched the first volume of his print magazine, 99 Percent Lifestyle. A high-end tri-annual magazine, it focuses on creativity and business, covering topics such as design, photography, business, fashion, travel and food.

The first volume of 99 Percent Lifestyle isn’t tied to a specific them, instead it uses a collection of features and interviews to explore creativity in the lives and businesses of people from across the globe.

The entire magazine is a one-man project from University of Worcester graduate Conor Rees, who started 99 Percent Lifestyle as a university project during his final year of study. The magazine helped him to win the overall Student Journalist of the Year award at the Midlands Media Students Awards

Conor is pictured with Press Club chairman Llewela Bailey at a reception held to mark the launch of his magazine.

Conor is pictured with Press Club chairman Llewela Bailey at a reception held to mark the launch of his magazine.

Success at the awards led Conor to realise that his magazine was a product people loved and he set about turning his University project into a full-blown business following his graduation from the University of Worcester.

He has now created an entirely new magazine, one with a more refined and clean design, printed on a high-quality thick paper stock. “I wanted to create a physical product that could decorate anyone’s bookshelf or coffee table. Most of all I wanted to create a collection of content that inspired people to be creative”, said Conor.

“The one thing I have learnt from this magazine is that every single person is capable of being creative no matter who they are. The magazine is all about inspiring you to be more creative, make your own travel adventures and take that leap of faith and start your own business. What’s more, the product is completely timeless, meaning that people are able to read the content in a year’s time and still get the same benefits as people reading it on day one.”

Volume one includes creative interviews, travel stories by professional photographers, a recipe from a Michelin star chef and several in-depth features.

All the details of the first printed Volume of 99 Percent Lifestyle, including all of the content inside the first magazine can be found on the following link: lifestyle-volume- 1/